Choose the right style for your living room. We arrange according to the latest trends.

Current trends are above all a large space and freedom of movement. For this we add a harsh or cozy atmosphere, and we adapt everything to the chosen arrangement style. We arrange the living room step by step. The living room is a specific place due to the frequent presence of household members. Through the […]

Stone, concrete or wood? Create an amazing collage from different materials in an unusual arrangement of the living room.

A living room often combined with a kitchen should give a lot of freedom, space and light. His arrangement should be calm, but the imposition of one color is overwhelming. How to revive white walls by choosing style and accessories? The rules of arranging the living room have general canons and are imposed by a […]

Why is the choice of a baby cot limited to a nice design?

Unusual and modern styles of baby beds do not always go hand in hand with a healthy sleep. The frames of children’s cots are often made of plywood, which limits their durability. Offered mattresses are not adapted to the needs of children, and the materials used in their production may cause allergies in babies. How […]