Home Staging is a service that more and more real estate agencies offer when assisting in the sale of an apartment. To use it, however, we do not have to cooperate with a real estate agency. Although home staging itself seems difficult or a bit puzzling, in reality it is not and is possible to carry out by us personally. In this text we present home staging and present activities that we can do to prepare our house for sale.

Home Staging

Home Staging is to prepare your property for sale in an appropriate manner. It aims to make the house or apartment look neat, bright and cozy, and modern. In other words, home staging is to make our property sold faster and at a higher price. Research on home staging indicates that by doing it, we can earn up to several percent more and sell the house much faster. Home Staging is also a low-cost method of increasing the value of your home. Therefore, it assumes interior design or customization, not investing a large amount of money. By also allocating small funds and devoting a little time by doing home staging, we can easily increase the attractiveness of a given property.

Interior design

The first step we should do ourselves, conducting home staging, is to properly arrange the interior. Randomly arranged furniture is definitely not the best idea. These should be set in such a way that as much light as possible falls inside the property. We can also set them in such a way that they allow easy and comfortable transition between rooms. This arrangement, combined with the removal of unnecessary furniture, will create a minimalist version of the interior, which will result in the impression of space and size. Tasteful minimalism is one of the best options we can choose. We never know what style a given buyer prefers and whether our rich arrangement will not discourage him from buying, e.g. the vision of a complete change of the interior after purchase. An open and minimalist interior also gives the possibility of visual design, which will encourage potential customers to make certain “fitting” Arranging the interior for people who will view our property, we should also remove all our personal elements from it. Certainly there will be diplomas, cups, souvenirs or items of low value that have only sentimental value for us.

Appropriate interior arrangement can increase its value and induce viewers to make a positive decision. If we have some funds for home staging, it is worth buying a service from a decorator or designer who will tell us what additions to put in the house and how to arrange the interior to emphasize all the advantages of real estate. Sometimes changing the color of curtains or bedspread in a given color can completely change the interior.

Music and smell

Increasing the attractiveness of real estate is also music and smell. Many people are not aware of the importance of these elements, marginalize them or simply do not take them into account when arranging the apartment for sale. Fragrance and music are important elements of marketing. We can notice them in stores, shopping malls or public points. Slow-playing music or intense fragrances in the store are not only aesthetic, but are intended to evoke specific customer behavior. They are carefully composed by specialists to create the impression of coziness, security, comfort and luxury. We can use this trick when we sell a house. Therefore, we can buy aromatizers, e.g. placed in sockets, and enable tasteful, quiet and rhythmic music that will create the perfect background for our meeting.

Preparation of the property’s environment

Home Staging is also a preparation of the real estate environment. If we own a house, we can take care of the area in front of it when we sell it. Mowing the grass, tidying up the area, or adding interesting gadgets, e.g. figurines or sculptures, can definitely change our property. People who will come to view the property will form an opinion about our property before entering. With a small amount of work, we can gain a plus that can help us sell our home faster and more profitably. If we live in a block of flats, we can also take care of the first impression. It is ideal, for example, to replace the wiper in front of the door with the original one, for example with the inscription “Welcome” or installing a decorative element for palpitations.

Tasteful additions

Home Staging as a low-cost interior design method does not rule out spending small sums on tasteful additions and accessories. So we can try to buy some accessories that will make the interior look stylish or modern. We can therefore buy an old stylish clock, new cups, a vase, a picture or curtains for a small amount of money. Renovated antique furniture or furniture arrangement will also be a good investment. Such additions, although they are only symbolic compared to the value of the whole house or apartment, can significantly affect the way people receive the interior will want to buy them. Interesting solutions or inspirations can be found, among others. on websites on the web or in catalogs. Also a spontaneous visit to the store and choosing a few gadgets will be a good solution, because it is enough that the accessories only blend in with our interior and do not present any utility or functional value. We can also visit “home” stores in shopping malls, which offer a lot of different kinds of knick knacks and accessories, which are new, quality and tasteful. With this part of home staging, we can also take out gifts from boxes and wardrobes that we received from friends or family that were not to our liking. Sometimes a new mug or figurine will give the right impression.