Choose the right style for your living room. We arrange according to the latest trends.

Current trends are above all a large space and freedom of movement. For this we add a harsh or cozy atmosphere, and we adapt everything to the chosen arrangement style. We arrange the living room step by step.

The living room is a specific place due to the frequent presence of household members. Through the arrangement must become comfortable and cozy. For this is a place to visit, which often receives guests. The right style of arrangement and selection of furniture is not only the comfort and convenience of the household, but also a visiting card of the house in the eyes of other family members and friends.

The living room appliance should start with choosing a consistent arrangement style. Furniture must not differ from the color of the walls, the size of the room or the degree of exposure. Too large furniture will suppress the room while it is too variegated, for example, with a loft style. How to decorate the living room?

Arrangement style

First of all, we choose the style in which we will arrange the living room. Scandinavian style works well even in small spaces, because the furniture is minimal – simple table, small sofa chairs, and bright colors will optically enlarge the living room. The favorite colors of the Scandinavian style are white, gray and its varieties or light brown.

A little differently, the living room will look like a loft style. Large and spacious apartments should have large windows, allowing much light into the interior. For this loft likes a strict factory atmosphere, that is brick, concrete, steel glass supplemented with warm wooden accessories.

The modern style is again the perfect game of colors and shapes. Color is essential because it imposes furniture canons. Bright shades of color are great for curves and small spaces, obtaining the optical enlargement of the living room by playing reflected light. Large, modern rooms are dark gray, black or red appearing in rectangular islands with furniture, suspended ceilings and in regular shapes, eg concrete slabs or powerful wall tiles.


The selection of furniture depends mainly on the style. Scandinavian sounds like minimalistic furniture, with a simple form that does not take up much space. The domain of the style is large space and the play of bright colors, therefore the furnishings should also be light or pastel. A plain coffee table or a folding bench will work well next to a small sofa. For this you can add a small wardrobe or dresser, which will turn out to be a complete living room furnishing.

The loft style is again a large space and a huge amount of furniture. Tables made of steel and glass, large windows, powerful sofas, suspended wood ceiling, huge wardrobes are just a loft. Furniture should refer to bricks on the walls, sheltered sewer elements or incomplete wall fa├žade.

Modern forms are regular furniture in the shapes of squares, rectangles, or a game of solids. Tables, wardrobes, sofas should have regular edges and correspond with tiles on the walls, a concrete floor or a huge table and chairs made of steel and glass – smoky glass.


In addition to visual values, equipment and construction solutions must be practical in every style. It should be remembered that the living room is a home entertainment center, where you often spend time together with your family and honors your guests. Armchairs, sofa chairs must be comfortable, spacious, to accommodate all family members. The space must be managed in such a way that it does not make it difficult to move around in the living room. Practical solutions are fold out benches or sofas with an adjustable seat. If necessary, it can be broken down, which will accommodate all guests and increase the comfort of use. Without having to use their hidden possibilities, they take up less space and save precious space.

The listed canons for each style: Scandinavian, loft or modern is the latest contemporary arrangement trend. Remember not only about original design, but also about the functionality of the living room.

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