Stone, concrete or wood? Create an amazing collage from different materials in an unusual arrangement of the living room.

A living room often combined with a kitchen should give a lot of freedom, space and light. His arrangement should be calm, but the imposition of one color is overwhelming. How to revive white walls by choosing style and accessories?

The rules of arranging the living room have general canons and are imposed by a specific style. Today we will discuss the living room in white, defined by a mix of loft and Scandinavian styles. Both Scandinavian and loft style is a large space, bright colors, economical and simple furnishings and access to a large amount of light. The color that perfectly emphasizes the large space and brightens the room is white. However, in itself the white color is cold, it gives the feeling of coolness. Her positive associations can not compensate for feelings. How to decorate a living room in white? Additions, furniture and colors enter the game here. The use of different materials of different colors, warming the room with furniture of a different color, complements the omnipresent white. How to do it? We present one of the ideas.

Walls and floors on the basis of contrast.

The white color itself is clean, positive, but also very cold. To revive only white walls and ceilings, it is worth using a collage of materials and colors. A great complement to the white color is gray and all its variations. Walls can be enriched with large tiles, which are joined without fugue. A uniform tile with a pattern of stone or concrete in gray will spice the white walls. The advantage of the discussed solution is its timeless and elegant character. For centuries the stone has been considered a synonym of prestige and luxury. Everything, however, has its own moderation in application. Contrast is important not to build the entire room with tiles. One wall remains white and the other wall is covered with tiles.

Apply different shades of gray to the material used to decrease the dominance of white. We will also be able to review floor by choosing  panel, tiles and wooden parquet in which there is a light gray color. The panels have more heat in the feet, they reduce the feeling of coldness. Tiles stylized for wood are more practical. There are safe fire prevention mechanisms that are more durable and safer than wood. The problem of cold tiles can be solve by floor heating.

Furniture and complement – collage

The omnipresent coolness, which still frees from white and gray, can be warmed up by contrasting color and material furnishings. A Scandinavian table with a wooden table top or loft wall bookcase for books finished with wood to warm the interior of the room. Why? The natural color of wood and all its varieties have a warm character. In addition, wood is the perfect complement to stone-style tiles. Stone and wood for centuries correspond perfectly in large and elegant rooms, creating unusual and prestigious arrangements.

Wood can be used in many ways in our living room. In the presented project, the Oliveo brand can be seen in a small coffee table, a table with chairs for the living room or even in a modern TV cabinet. These small wood accents fit perfectly with the mix of loft and Scandinavian style, breaking the omnipresent coolness of white and gray.

Tailored projects

An exemplary arrangement of a luxurious living room in a mix of loft and Scandinavian style can be a challenge. It is to think about giving the arrangement to the specialists such as A professional company has in its staff interior designers who will adapt the design to customer requirements. An additional advantage of the company is the offer of interior furnishings, furniture or table accessories, which will perfectly correspond with each other. Thanks to the possibility of combining the design service and equipment offer, the entire arrangement will remain consistent. The designer will perfectly match all colors, materials, furniture, in accordance with the client’s guidelines, maintaining an unusual style concept.

Creating a beautiful arrangement of a living room in white is a demanding challenge. Coloring imposes a form of collage of colors and materials that must be consistent, despite their differences in characters. Specialists in the design and interior design know how to deal with a mix of styles, materials and colors.

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