Home Staging, or how to prepare an apartment for sale yourself? Do Home Staging yourself and enchant buyers with real estate!

Home Staging is a service that more and more real estate agencies offer when assisting in the sale of an apartment. To use it, however, we do not have to cooperate with a real estate agency. Although home staging itself seems difficult or a bit puzzling, in reality it is not and is possible to carry out by us personally. In this text we present home staging and present activities that we can do to prepare our house for sale.

Home Staging

Home Staging is to prepare your property for sale in an appropriate manner. It aims to make the house or apartment look neat, bright and cozy, and modern. In other words, home staging is to make our property sold faster and at a higher price. Research on home staging indicates that by doing it, we can earn up to several percent more and sell the house much faster. Home Staging is also a low-cost method of increasing the value of your home. Therefore, it assumes interior design or customization, not investing a large amount of money. By also allocating small funds and devoting a little time by doing home staging, we can easily increase the attractiveness of a given property.

Interior design

The first step we should do ourselves, conducting home staging, is to properly arrange the interior. Randomly arranged furniture is definitely not the best idea. These should be set in such a way that as much light as possible falls inside the property. We can also set them in such a way that they allow easy and comfortable transition between rooms. This arrangement, combined with the removal of unnecessary furniture, will create a minimalist version of the interior, which will result in the impression of space and size. Tasteful minimalism is one of the best options we can choose. We never know what style a given buyer prefers and whether our rich arrangement will not discourage him from buying, e.g. the vision of a complete change of the interior after purchase. An open and minimalist interior also gives the possibility of visual design, which will encourage potential customers to make certain “fitting” Arranging the interior for people who will view our property, we should also remove all our personal elements from it. Certainly there will be diplomas, cups, souvenirs or items of low value that have only sentimental value for us.

Appropriate interior arrangement can increase its value and induce viewers to make a positive decision. If we have some funds for home staging, it is worth buying a service from a decorator or designer who will tell us what additions to put in the house and how to arrange the interior to emphasize all the advantages of real estate. Sometimes changing the color of curtains or bedspread in a given color can completely change the interior.

Music and smell

Increasing the attractiveness of real estate is also music and smell. Many people are not aware of the importance of these elements, marginalize them or simply do not take them into account when arranging the apartment for sale. Fragrance and music are important elements of marketing. We can notice them in stores, shopping malls or public points. Slow-playing music or intense fragrances in the store are not only aesthetic, but are intended to evoke specific customer behavior. They are carefully composed by specialists to create the impression of coziness, security, comfort and luxury. We can use this trick when we sell a house. Therefore, we can buy aromatizers, e.g. placed in sockets, and enable tasteful, quiet and rhythmic music that will create the perfect background for our meeting.

Preparation of the property’s environment

Home Staging is also a preparation of the real estate environment. If we own a house, we can take care of the area in front of it when we sell it. Mowing the grass, tidying up the area, or adding interesting gadgets, e.g. figurines or sculptures, can definitely change our property. People who will come to view the property will form an opinion about our property before entering. With a small amount of work, we can gain a plus that can help us sell our home faster and more profitably. If we live in a block of flats, we can also take care of the first impression. It is ideal, for example, to replace the wiper in front of the door with the original one, for example with the inscription “Welcome” or installing a decorative element for palpitations.

Tasteful additions

Home Staging as a low-cost interior design method does not rule out spending small sums on tasteful additions and accessories. So we can try to buy some accessories that will make the interior look stylish or modern. We can therefore buy an old stylish clock, new cups, a vase, a picture or curtains for a small amount of money. Renovated antique furniture or furniture arrangement will also be a good investment. Such additions, although they are only symbolic compared to the value of the whole house or apartment, can significantly affect the way people receive the interior will want to buy them. Interesting solutions or inspirations can be found, among others. on websites on the web or in catalogs. Also a spontaneous visit to the store and choosing a few gadgets will be a good solution, because it is enough that the accessories only blend in with our interior and do not present any utility or functional value. We can also visit “home” stores in shopping malls, which offer a lot of different kinds of knick knacks and accessories, which are new, quality and tasteful. With this part of home staging, we can also take out gifts from boxes and wardrobes that we received from friends or family that were not to our liking. Sometimes a new mug or figurine will give the right impression.

Renaissance of woven furniture

Everyone seems to remember pleasantly creaking garden chairs or sofas, on which one could relax sweetly. Woven furniture is associated primarily with nature, rest in the fresh air and rustic style. Recent years confirm that the fashion for such furniture has survived, and what’s more, it has entered the salons, and traditional and innovative braids are becoming more and more prestigious.

Some history
Not everyone knows that the first of this type of equipment made of rattan (cane rotang), water hyacinth, were already in Egyptian homes in 1600 BC, while in the 17th century they could be found in the salons of rich aristocratic houses. These were mainly woven sofa and armchair seats. A little later, woven furniture appeared in the backyards, terraces and plots of land, playing the role of “leisure thing”.
Today, many people decide to furnish their interiors so that they contain not only utility items made of wicker (or other similar material), but also woven from natural and synthetic materials, sofas, tables and armchairs. For the production of some of them, metal, various types of strings, lines, and wires are also used, which, woven into one unique pattern, look unique and intricate.

A great return to the salons
Today, on the furniture market, you can find very innovative materials for weaving designer furniture, e.g. viro. Lloyd loom, hularo or sanlux. There are also furniture woven from artificial fibers such as rote (resembling a fishing net) or rete (imitating straw). Contemporary furniture is refined in every inch, it does not damage clothes, does not creak (unless they are deliberately made in this way) and they look extremely elegant. The great Renaissance of woven furniture introduced them to the 21st century living rooms decorated in different styles – primarily rustic modern and eclectic.
It is enough to look at only one brand Kennet Cobonpue (known for an industrial designer, winner of several prestigious awards), which is known and recognized all over the world to see the phenomenon of braids. The furniture of this company is woven from natural fibers, inspired by the beauty of nature, its unpredictability and changeability. It can’t be different when ideas for furniture are born on the exceptionally charming islet of Cebu, flooded with Pacific waters. The raw material for their production is the aforementioned rattan, bamboo and manila and buri fibers. Sofas and chairs designed by Kennet Cobonp look extremely elaborate and charming.

Woven furniture for any interior?
They look best in large rooms, because they need to have a lot of free space in which they will be more noticeable. Usually these are larger items and placing the entire sofa set plus armchairs and cabinets will not look good. Braids need “breath” and only then will they be best presented. Of course, in small interiors you can also arrange such furniture, but preferably individually, rather as a designer accessory. One woven armchair, cabinet or table will give such a room lightness and delicate freshness.

What are the characteristics of braids?
They are certainly very charming and nicely fit into various types of interior, even as the abovementioned addition. They are characterized by lightness and original appearance as well as comfort of use. Keeping them clean will not be a problem for anyone using the appropriate measures. The furniture made of it draws attention and is characterized by its original modern look and innovative form. Placing a rattan sofa or armchair in the room will give it mystery and introduce some kind of exoticism. This material is very durable, hard and resistant to adverse weather conditions, so it can easily take an honorable place on the terrace or in the yard in front of the house. This type of rattan furniture looks nice integrated into a room with lighter colors, beige, subdued. They stand out with their strong, decisive color, emphasizing their unusual charm.
Generally, all braids “feel good” in the wood environment. The interior becomes very natural and lively. They will also cope in darker interiors, because the wood-like material has excellent adaptive properties. They can also be dyed in a selected color, thanks to which they will find their places in modern and minimalist interiors.
Woven furniture has its rich history and constantly creates a new one. It is amazing that the weaving materials are enormous and each of them suits more or less to a particular type of interior. Interesting solutions are recently used to make woven furniture from metal, lines and wires. A suitable example of the use of innovative ideas and technologies in creating such furniture is, for example, the Woven Collection, a designer who weaves wonders from soft materials, not only furniture, but also vases, shades and other decorative objects for various types of interiors.

Choose the right style for your living room. We arrange according to the latest trends.

Current trends are above all a large space and freedom of movement. For this we add a harsh or cozy atmosphere, and we adapt everything to the chosen arrangement style. We arrange the living room step by step.

The living room is a specific place due to the frequent presence of household members. Through the arrangement must become comfortable and cozy. For this is a place to visit, which often receives guests. The right style of arrangement and selection of furniture is not only the comfort and convenience of the household, but also a visiting card of the house in the eyes of other family members and friends.

The living room appliance should start with choosing a consistent arrangement style. Furniture must not differ from the color of the walls, the size of the room or the degree of exposure. Too large furniture will suppress the room while it is too variegated, for example, with a loft style. How to decorate the living room?

Arrangement style

First of all, we choose the style in which we will arrange the living room. Scandinavian style works well even in small spaces, because the furniture is minimal – simple table, small sofa chairs, and bright colors will optically enlarge the living room. The favorite colors of the Scandinavian style are white, gray and its varieties or light brown.

A little differently, the living room will look like a loft style. Large and spacious apartments should have large windows, allowing much light into the interior. For this loft likes a strict factory atmosphere, that is brick, concrete, steel glass supplemented with warm wooden accessories.

The modern style is again the perfect game of colors and shapes. Color is essential because it imposes furniture canons. Bright shades of color are great for curves and small spaces, obtaining the optical enlargement of the living room by playing reflected light. Large, modern rooms are dark gray, black or red appearing in rectangular islands with furniture, suspended ceilings and in regular shapes, eg concrete slabs or powerful wall tiles.


The selection of furniture depends mainly on the style. Scandinavian sounds like minimalistic furniture, with a simple form that does not take up much space. The domain of the style is large space and the play of bright colors, therefore the furnishings should also be light or pastel. A plain coffee table or a folding bench will work well next to a small sofa. For this you can add a small wardrobe or dresser, which will turn out to be a complete living room furnishing.

The loft style is again a large space and a huge amount of furniture. Tables made of steel and glass, large windows, powerful sofas, suspended wood ceiling, huge wardrobes are just a loft. Furniture should refer to bricks on the walls, sheltered sewer elements or incomplete wall façade.

Modern forms are regular furniture in the shapes of squares, rectangles, or a game of solids. Tables, wardrobes, sofas should have regular edges and correspond with tiles on the walls, a concrete floor or a huge table and chairs made of steel and glass – smoky glass.


In addition to visual values, equipment and construction solutions must be practical in every style. It should be remembered that the living room is a home entertainment center, where you often spend time together with your family and honors your guests. Armchairs, sofa chairs must be comfortable, spacious, to accommodate all family members. The space must be managed in such a way that it does not make it difficult to move around in the living room. Practical solutions are fold out benches or sofas with an adjustable seat. If necessary, it can be broken down, which will accommodate all guests and increase the comfort of use. Without having to use their hidden possibilities, they take up less space and save precious space.

The listed canons for each style: Scandinavian, loft or modern is the latest contemporary arrangement trend. Remember not only about original design, but also about the functionality of the living room.

Stone, concrete or wood? Create an amazing collage from different materials in an unusual arrangement of the living room.

A living room often combined with a kitchen should give a lot of freedom, space and light. His arrangement should be calm, but the imposition of one color is overwhelming. How to revive white walls by choosing style and accessories?

The rules of arranging the living room have general canons and are imposed by a specific style. Today we will discuss the living room in white, defined by a mix of loft and Scandinavian styles. Both Scandinavian and loft style is a large space, bright colors, economical and simple furnishings and access to a large amount of light. The color that perfectly emphasizes the large space and brightens the room is white. However, in itself the white color is cold, it gives the feeling of coolness. Her positive associations can not compensate for feelings. How to decorate a living room in white? Additions, furniture and colors enter the game here. The use of different materials of different colors, warming the room with furniture of a different color, complements the omnipresent white. How to do it? We present one of the ideas.

Walls and floors on the basis of contrast.

The white color itself is clean, positive, but also very cold. To revive only white walls and ceilings, it is worth using a collage of materials and colors. A great complement to the white color is gray and all its variations. Walls can be enriched with large tiles, which are joined without fugue. A uniform tile with a pattern of stone or concrete in gray will spice the white walls. The advantage of the discussed solution is its timeless and elegant character. For centuries the stone has been considered a synonym of prestige and luxury. Everything, however, has its own moderation in application. Contrast is important not to build the entire room with tiles. One wall remains white and the other wall is covered with tiles.

Apply different shades of gray to the material used to decrease the dominance of white. We will also be able to review floor by choosing  panel, tiles and wooden parquet in which there is a light gray color. The panels have more heat in the feet, they reduce the feeling of coldness. Tiles stylized for wood are more practical. There are safe fire prevention mechanisms that are more durable and safer than wood. The problem of cold tiles can be solve by floor heating.

Furniture and complement – collage

The omnipresent coolness, which still frees from white and gray, can be warmed up by contrasting color and material furnishings. A Scandinavian table with a wooden table top or loft wall bookcase for books finished with wood to warm the interior of the room. Why? The natural color of wood and all its varieties have a warm character. In addition, wood is the perfect complement to stone-style tiles. Stone and wood for centuries correspond perfectly in large and elegant rooms, creating unusual and prestigious arrangements.

Wood can be used in many ways in our living room. In the presented project, the Oliveo brand can be seen in a small coffee table, a table with chairs for the living room or even in a modern TV cabinet. These small wood accents fit perfectly with the mix of loft and Scandinavian style, breaking the omnipresent coolness of white and gray.

Tailored projects

An exemplary arrangement of a luxurious living room in a mix of loft and Scandinavian style can be a challenge. It is to think about giving the arrangement to the specialists such as www.oliveo.pl. A professional company has in its staff interior designers who will adapt the design to customer requirements. An additional advantage of the company is the offer of interior furnishings, furniture or table accessories, which will perfectly correspond with each other. Thanks to the possibility of combining the design service and equipment offer, the entire arrangement will remain consistent. The designer will perfectly match all colors, materials, furniture, in accordance with the client’s guidelines, maintaining an unusual style concept.

Creating a beautiful arrangement of a living room in white is a demanding challenge. Coloring imposes a form of collage of colors and materials that must be consistent, despite their differences in characters. Specialists in the design and interior design know how to deal with a mix of styles, materials and colors.

Why is the choice of a baby cot limited to a nice design?

Unusual and modern styles of baby beds do not always go hand in hand with a healthy sleep. The frames of children’s cots are often made of plywood, which limits their durability. Offered mattresses are not adapted to the needs of children, and the materials used in their production may cause allergies in babies. How do you choose the right bed with a mattress?

Simple and cheap bed made of synthetic materials can cause allergies in small children. Paints used for coloring, a large number of chemical glues that combine plates or inadequately selected mattresses may contain thousands of allergens. A cheap bed with a fancy design can be a threat to the health of the child and unnecessary expenses. The first feature to consider when choosing a baby bed is the material from which it was made. The more natural materials, the better for your baby. Another element worth your attention is the safe construction, which includes a low profile and protective barriers. During play or sleep, small children will not fall on the floor. An essential part of the bed is the mattress. Hardness and performance should be adapted to the age and needs of a small child. How to compose a bed with a mattress?

Natural materials in a beautiful style.

The safest, durable and natural material for a children’s bed is solid wood. It is a very durable material that can survive even from generation to generation. Constructions made of wooden elements have a lifting capacity of up to 180 kg, which allows you to sleep with your child or mom when they have nightmares. Wood does not cause allergies and creates a friendly microclimate in the room. Thanks to this, the child will have a healthy sleep. Also the paints used to colorize the bed should be natural (water, chalk). They will not cause allergies.

Of course, the material does not exclude the extraordinary arrangements of a baby cot. Wood is a very easy material to be processed and can take a variety of shapes. An example of unconventional arrangements made of wood are the cottages and TIPI beds available from a producer like https://oliveo.pl but will also allow the development of its creativity. Using a blanket or cloth cape, you can create an Indian tent or your own house.

Security and fun

A wooden cot is very safe in using. It does not contain any sharp steel elements, wires or rods outside. The wood is polished and additionally lacquered. The cot can be equipped with safety barriers, which will prevent the child from falling onto the floor during sleep or play. This is a particularly important feature for bunk beds. Another advantage is the low profile of the furniture. The distance between the floor and the sleeping surface is up to 10 cm. The indicated features allow not only for a healthy sleep, but also safe play of a toddler with peers or siblings.

A mattress tailored to the child’s age

A mattress is an indispensable part of the children’s bed. The bed mattress should be adapted to the child’s age, adequate to his/her physical development. The baby should sleep on a medium hard mattress so that his head does not collapse or rise above the trunk during sleep. This is particularly important during the rapid development of the skeletal system, because significant deflections prevent its proper growth.

The materials used for the production of the mattress should include hardness stabilizing foam as well as buckwheat or coconut fibers that combat bacteria and mites. Bacterial droppings cause allergies, so you should choose a mattress with bactericidal properties. An additional advantage of mattresses for children is air permeability, which has a positive effect on thermoregulation of the body.

When choosing a baby cot, design is not all that parents should pay attention to. High quality materials, their natural origin and properly matched mattresses are features that will take care of their children’s health and sleep. Unconventional design, the possibility of extraordinary fun or well-known stylization motives are just an additional advantages.